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The Hudson Story

Inspiring Change For A Brighter Financial Future

Hudson Financial Planning has been providing trusted and professional advice since 1992. Our vision was to educate as many people as possible about their financial journey. Over the years we have matured into a full-service Brisbane-based financial planning firm, offering our clients the ability to take care of all of their financial needs in one place. Our core focus of empowering everyday Australians to make educated decisions has not changed.

The Hudson Properties

Are you in a hunt for that perfect home? Are you into profitable property investments? Check out Hudson Properties – we might just have the listing you need today!

The Hudson Proof


We keep coming back to you because we know that we can rely on you and we can trust your judgement. You are a true professional and you have made the process of establishing and building our investment portfolio a much easier, cheaper and less frustrating task than if we were dealing with the bank alone.

Ken and Karen Peacock

Thank you for assisting me with my first home loan. I appreciate everything you guys have done for me over the last few months. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Wasn’t so scary after all.

Ashley R

…a saving of $1170.21 in just one month – Now that’s something to smile about.

Stacy & Mark Queensland

You can now rest easy and put your superman outfit away…

Tabitha Corser Applecross North WA

Your experience and expertise enabled us…a step further in achieving our financial goals

Michael and Kathy Country Qld

Congratulations on 20 years service to the mums and dads of Australia

Max and Jill NSW

Hudson educated me to make decisions with confidence

Ian Fairall

We have benefited tremendously from Hudson Institute

Steven and Jasmine Kong Hooi

Over the years I have picked up many ideas and tips.

Adele Withers

Thanks to the advice and guidance received.

Joy Weatherall

Thanks to everyone at the Hudson Institute for a pain free and smooth settlement.

D. Fawcett

It’s time to be better with your finances!

If there is one lesson the world wants to teach us, it would be to plan for our finances – to be intentional with how we handle our money, investments and every facet of our financial life. At Hudson, our financial advisors and planners are set and ready to help you. We know the way to financial freedom.

Hudson Cares

The Save Our Rainforest Initiative

Hudson is excited to join numerous other Australian companies and is giving back to planet earth by aligning with ‘1% for the Planet’. This means that we pledge 1% of our profits to the preservation of rainforests and it contributes to offsetting, in some way, that not all of our funds could be classed as ‘sustainable’. Based in Mullumbimby, 1% for the Planet is currently replanting parts of the Daintree and forestry in Tasmania, working to protect and restore the lungs of our planet. We believe that protecting it for us and for generations to come, is not just a choice but a responsibility. When you make a choice, you change the future. We want our clients to be part of our world where we grow together.

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