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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’re here to answer! If you don’t see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact Page.

An ASIC report paper released in August 2019 highlighted some of areas that consumers look for in regards to financial advice. The paper offered survey results which showed that 79% of people use an adviser because they believed they had the expertise in financial matters that they did not. 75% believed that Financial advisers can recommend products that they wouldn’t probably find on their own. 73% were excited with the notion that their adviser might offer a strategy they hadn’t thought of and 69% were looking for the financial education about financial matters from their adviser.

Hudson operates an open license and therefore has the ability to offer any product the advisers deem suitable. The advisers and managing Director meet monthly as part of an investment committee to discuss Hudson approved product list. We are not owned by banks, or any other institution.

Hudson advisers get paid a percentage of the funds under management that they look after. This means that they are able to recommend any fund (as long as our investment committee has approved it) and it will not affect how they are paid. Hudson advisers charge a percentage and this percentage will vary with the amount invested. Our economies of scale allow us to offer fees at very competitive prices.

Hudson’s Senior Advisers all have the relevant qualifications and the up to date personal development study to ensure that they are compliant and are across all legislative changes in the industry.

You may want to know how often you will talk with your adviser, whether your adviser will be available for emails outside of scheduled calls and what you can expect with your relationship. Each of our senior advisers has a paraplanner that works with them. For the more complex  situation you can expect to have potentially quarterly reviews, with access to your adviser or paraplanner via email anytime and a collaboration of advice between your Hudson adviser, your accountant (if using a Hudson accountant or introducing your accountant to your Hudson adviser) and our estate planners (if using a Hudson estate planner). For the more simple investment you can expect one to two reviews a year with access to the paraplanner anytime.

Your adviser is there to clarify your financial life, not make it more confusing,  Hudson advisers provide clarity and direction so that together you can work through whatever the future brings.