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At Hudson, as well as offering extensive services to our members, we also offer certain services to non-members.

Fee for service

Short-term financial advice from fully qualified and experienced financial planners and retirement specialists.

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Hudson Insurance

Peter Dale is Hudson's insurance specialist with over 20 years experience. Insurance is available for you, your family and your friends (free consultation for non-members).

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Hudson Finance

Matt Kerr is Hudson's finance manager for all your investment and home loan needs. Matt has over 15 years experience and has saved our members and non-members hundreds of thousands of dollars in fee's and interest. Use our home loan health check tool to see if the Hudson finance department can help you (free consultation for both members and non-members).

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If you're new to Hudson Financial Planning, get started by booking a consultation and ask about a life changing membership. Or if you're already a member, you can request a consultation with your adviser. Ask us about our non member services -

  • Fee for service with a Financial Planner
  • Hudson Insurance
  • Hudson Finance
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We teach that anyone with some fundamental knowledge,  basic skills and a little self-discipline can become wealthy - without taking unrealistic risks.

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What our members say ...

Hudson Finance Department with Bree Cavanagh

We keep coming back to you because we know that we can rely on you and we can trust your judgment. You are a true professional and you have made the process of establishing and building our investment portfolio a much easier, cheaper and less frustrating task than if we were dealing with the bank alone.
Ken & Karen Peacock, Australia