Phillip McGann

Hudson General Manager/Adviser
Bachelor of Business (Honours),
Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment,
Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning,
F Fin (Fellow of Finsia - the Financial Services Institute of Australasia)

Phillip's experience has been primarily in the financial markets. Prior to joining The Hudson Institute in 2000, Phillip's working history includes employment with Stockbroking and Trustee firms, both in back-office and front-office dealing roles. His experience also includes exposure to debt lending through employment as a finance broker. His extensive educational qualifications have been gained through University and Post Graduate studies. Phillip is an avid investor himself through the share and property markets. His strategy is to invest for long term growth and seeks out undervalued opportunities that will prevail in the longer term by concentrating on quality fundamentals. His overall desire is to offer members a thoroughly professional and competent financial advisory service to assist them to attain their financial goals through effective wealth creation and wealth protection strategies.

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I have been a member of Hudson since (approx) 1997, when I was in full employment, earning a good income and enjoying a very good life style, lots of holidays etc., but with little thought to planning for retirement! Thanks to the advice and guidance received from Hudson advisors I was able to embark on an investment program that was 'painless'. It did not stretch me to the point of stress, but was very achievable and had little impact on my lifestyle. The most significant philosophy which gave me both 'encouragement' and 'comfort' was Stuart's advice which guided me to always leave a 20% buffer! I was able to retire early, have relocated to the beautiful South Coast and am now enjoying a very comfortable retirement. Thank you for all your wisdom. Congratulations on your 20 years!
Joy Weatherall, Australia