This property is SOLD

Kirkland Residences

Located: 80 Kirkland Avenue,Queensland
Features: 16 Beautiful 3 or 4 Bedroom Townhouses
From: $695,000

  • 4.5 km from CBD
  • 16 Beautiful 3 and 4 Bedroom Townhouses
  • 800m to Stones Corner
  • 10 mins to Hospitals, Uni, Southbank and the Valley
  • Close to Buses, and 1km to Buranda Train Station
  • Ample storage and luxury furniture
  • Completion late 2019

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My wife and I were fortunate to be introduced to "Hudson" before the end of the last century and have flourished despite Y2K, wars in Iraq, Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, GFC, etc.

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Of course there are many other ways Hudson has assisted us over the years, and continue to help, but we cannot emphasize enough the essential nature of the budget to make sure we are on a sound footing to step out into the investment world and attempt to make our retirement dreams come true.
Max & Jill, New South Wales, Australia