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Wealth Education with Hudson Institute - retirement planning advice face to face via your computer 

Hudson's membership includes access to educational resources designed to teach you the fundamental investment skills you need to build and manage your own financial portfolio. The key component of our membership program is unlimited access to our team of fully licensed and professionally qualified financial advisers. But that's not all that we offer our members.

We offer our members the full package of financial and investment services, with our in-house finance and insurance divisions as well as our relationships with property investment experts, stockbrokers, fund managers, and share market investors around Australia.

Here are just a few of the educational tools we have to offer you on your journey to wealth creation.

The Hudson Report

The Hudson Report is a free e-bulletin for Hudson Members that focuses each week on the issues that are relevant to all personal investors. Features share market whispers, stock exchange updates, Australian property investing commentary, and hot topic viewpoints from our professional and experienced financial advisers.

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Hudson Property Alert

The Hudson Property Alert is a special email bulletin featuring Hudson recommended property investment opportunities from around Australia that meet our 5 point selection criteria for maximum growth potential over time. Exclusive opportunities are available through our connections with various property investment firms.

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Cornucopia Retirement Newsletter

For non-members and members - a bi-monthly newsletter specifically targeted for those who are looking to retire or have retired. Each newsletter contains useful and practical information on a range of investments including shares, retirement funds, and other general information and updates.

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Hudson Economic Cycle

Learn more about Hudson's Investment Methodology via our Economic Cycle. The best way to learn about the workings of an economic cycle is to take a journey through a full cycle.

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Financial Terms

If you have a question about some of the terms we have used in one of our phone conversations with you or one of our e-bulletins please refer to our list of financial terms.

List of Financial Terms

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If you're new to Hudson Financial Planning, get started by booking a consultation and ask about a life changing membership. Or if you're already a member, you can request a consultation with your adviser. Ask us about our non member services -

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We teach that anyone with some fundamental knowledge,  basic skills and a little self-discipline can become wealthy - without taking unrealistic risks.

Membership with us

What our members say ...

Jasmine and I have been Hudson members for more than 10 years. We have benefited tremendously from Hudson Financial Planning. In the first few years of being Hudson members, we attended most of the seminars held in Melbourne. This has helped us to define a clearer path for our retirement. We have been living overseas for the last 7 years, but still regularly in touch with Hudson advisers, and getting good advice from Hudson. We are confident that we can maintain our current life style when we retire in a few years time. These are some of the things we have benefited as members of Hudson:

  1. Learned sound concepts of Financial Management from Hudson’s seminars and reports

  2. Hudson advisers have been great sounding board when we are deciding on investments

  3. Great financial advice, helpful in providing information we needed, and directing us to appropriate channels when needed

  4. Very responsive Overall, we are very happy to be Hudson Members. Thanks a lot for helping us building a sound financial base for the future.

Steven & Jasmine Kong Hooi, Australia